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Medical Treatment For Piles

Aging, pregnancy, obesity, diarrhea, and constipation are some of the major reasons for the formation of hemorrhoids.Only under severe pain, bleeding, or itching should you choose to get surgery for your hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids will tend to form around the rectal area either inside or just outside the rectum.External hemorrhoids are the hemorrhoids that form just ouside the anal opening.  Either swelling and pain in the anus or a lump that forms around the anus are two of the symptoms of external hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoid surgery is one of the ways to treat external hemorrhoids including other non-complicated treatments.

Internal hemorrhoids are a tougher bunch to treat.  These occur inside the rectum.  Bleeding is the most common symptom for internal hemorrhoids.The pain can become more predominant if the condition is not treated on time.If this happens, the condition will get worse and the pain will increase. 

Hemorrhoids medical treatment

The hemorrhoid condition can be dealt with through the use of hemorrhoid surgery.Usually, other tissue that may lay near the hemorrhoid will be removed too.Surgery should be undertaken when the internal or external hemorrhoids display severe symptoms and there seems to be no other way of curing the hemorrhoids.

After examining the hemorrhoid, the surgeon will shut off any supply of blood to the hemorrhoid with stitches.When the tissue that is near the hemorrhoid tissue is removed, the anal sphincture is left unharmed.Usually, tools such as scissors, scalpels, and even lasers are used to remove the tissue.

Medical Treatment is a Personal Decision

When my husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, we were shocked, never even having suspected this illness. He had always been relatively healthy, and then one day he couldn't eat anymore.

It all began a few months before the diagnosis. He felt an uneasy heaviness in his chest, but he couldn't quite explain what it was to the doctor. Since my husband was in his late fifties, the doctor sent him for a stress test to check his heart. The tests came back well within the normal range, so the doctor wasn't concerned.

Fast forward three months later, my husband vomited a few times in a week and he lost some weight. Then, suddenly, he couldn't keep food or liquid down. From the first time he vomited until we had our doctor appointment, ten days passed and he lost twelve pounds.

We discovered with esophagus cancer there can be few or hardly any symptoms, and the ones that show up, typically heartburn, are sometimes ignored. He had had some incidences of heartburn throughout the years, but nothing that seemed significant enough to go see a doctor about.

By the time the symptoms created the weight loss, the doctor immediately ordered tests and we found out within two days there was a good possibility it may be cancer. This diagnosis was confirmed upon further testing and we were told they suspected the cancer had spread to the lymph system. There were two tumors on his esophagus and a larger tumor at the junction of the stomach and esophagus.

We were both incredibly shocked and stressed by the diagnosis, especially in lieu of the fact that we had three children, the youngest being eleven. We carefully weighed the options the doctors presented, and there were not many. There were traditional treatments, which both doctors recommended, and then there were alternative modalities which a friend of ours suggested. After meeting with the traditional doctors, we then met with a holistic doctor who outlined non-invasive treatments. My husband felt alternative medicine gave him a chance of having a better quality of life as opposed to doing the chemo and radiation treatments.

When friends and acquaintances found out we were not following the traditional medical route, some of their reactions took me by surprise. Even though medical treatment of any kind is a personal issue, we were openly questioned about our decision to pursue holistic methods. After being repeatedly questioned, I began to get defensive about my husband's treatment any time it was brought up. We had decided what was best for him and I supported his choice 100 percent.

When people voiced their concern over our decision, I felt as if they were saying how dare we not do the best we could for him. I know in hindsight I was being overly sensitive, but I got into a few arguments-feeling as if I had to be on the defense. Due to my high stress level with the illness and being a full time caretaker, I was running on adrenalin all the time.

On one occasion, I even got in a yelling match with a friend of my husband's in our house. The man had had too much to drink and questioned why we had decided not to do the chemo. He tried to convince us to reconsider. I told him it was our choice and we felt we were doing the best we would, but he would not drop the conversation. I told him that it wasn't his business, and then he broke down and began to cry.

Sensing his real concern, all the fight left me as I put my arm around him while he cried. I had not wanted to fight with anyone, my whole concern was for my husband, but then I realized there were others who cared about us also, and who only wanted the best for him. They cared, but it didn't make it any easier dealing with emotions pushed to the limits.

Perhaps it may have been better to simply tell people we were doing the best we could, using traditional and holistic means. Sometimes people just don't understand the strain a family is placed under, while in the throes of a terminal illness.

Using Exercise Balls for Medical Treatment

The exercise ball, which is also known as the "Swiss Ball", is becoming a new trend throughout the fitness world. The Swiss Balls were introduced by a group of Swiss medical therapists as an alternate of support during exercise. The exercise ball is a large vinyl ball, which you can use to improve core stability and balance by strengthening and stretching your body. You can find Swiss balls in a variety of different sizes and color. Nowadays, this physical exercise ball could be one of the most progressive fitness equipment.

If you want to strengthen the main muscles throughout your body, you can use these balls. You can do some exercises in Yoga positions while working out with dumbbells or other weight equipment. The benefit of using fit balls is that they are tough and keep up well in shape under tension. The balls were tested that they certainly can be loaded with heavy figures. In fact, the balls give the firm yet soft support to your body that will never harm you either.

You can find several exercise balls in some different colors and textures. You can also find a ball, which is harmonized with the design of your room. Even, you can store the balls under your bed, or you can just roll them anywhere when you are not using them.

Do you remember how much fun you got when you played with a ball in your childhood?

These Swiss balls are also fun for kids because they have soft texture and very attractive colors. You may let the kids play with the balls as they will not cause the children any harm.

Medical treatment

Formerly, the exercise balls were developed for use in medical treatment for supporting the body during exercise. When you do a particular exercise in a special position, and you still need to be in balance, these balls will support your body during your exercise. Mostly, these balls are made of material, which is very safe to use, as burst proof latex or other.

Exercise balls are quite useful when you are doing several positions in yoga and muscle building exercise that can only be done with the help of support. These balls will present an aspect of stability to the exercise that you will not usually get from the floor exercise. Your body will react instinctively for keeping the balance on the round ball. And it will help you build your muscles that are not actively working with this exercise.

Working out on the exercise ball is good for strengthening your abdominal, back and trunk muscle (core muscle area). It will also improve coordination, posture, balance, and flexibility. When we move, we need a strong core because it stabilizes our spine. They will also increase their muscle's strength, more flexibility and lots of wide-range improvements of their spine during the treatment. A physical exercise is quite effective for physiotherapy treatment, and the fitness balls will help you avoid the backache and spinal problems. Attention to these areas can improve our dynamic balance and prevent low back pain as well. People with backache will gain from exercising with the exercise balls.

Medical Treatment to Help You Deal With Bipolar Disorder

If tests have shown that you do have bipolar disorder, your doctor will administer medical treatment to help you deal with this illness.

One of the most frequent drugs used to treat bipolar disorder is lithium. This is because it evens out mood swings in both directions. Also, it serves as maintenance treatment in patients which is why it is used for weeks or even months until the mood is balanced.

In most cases, antipsychotic medications are used in the first few days of treatment until lithium is able to take effect. In fact, some of the newer antipsychotic drugs are being used for a longer period of time if this has been proven in helping the patient.

Lithium can even be added with other drugs to make it effective. A good example is an antidepressant but this must be given carefully because an overdose could switch into mania in some individuals.

But lithium does not work the same for everyone. Some people who have used it once no longer experience these episodes while others will have more episodes and need to use this to keep their moods stable. Some will not even see any improvement after taking lithium so you will never know until you try.

Those who will be taking lithium have to take regular blood tests. This is because if this is too little, the medicine may not work and if it is too much, the patient will suffer from its side effects.

These side effects include drowsiness, fatigue, hand tremors, increased thirst and urination, nausea and weight gain. These will only occur for a short while but can be avoided with proper diet and by drinking low or no calorie refreshments.

Lithium can also be used to treat children with bipolar disorder so parents should be prepared since they will probably wet the bed more often. However, this can be managed by simply lowering the dosage.

Another side effect to using lithium is that it can cause changes in the thyroid gland. This can be restored with thyroid hormones therapy.

But what is Lithium? Basically, it is a salt that is able to lower the levels of sodium in a person's body. If the person experiences a diarrhea, fever, heavy sweating or vomiting, the doctor must be informed immediately so the dosage can be changed.

Doctors will not prescribe lithium to patients who have had brain damage, epilepsy, kidney, heart or thyroid disorders. Pregnant women are also prohibited from taking it since this could cause problems for the baby.

Patients that will be taking lithium should not combine this with other medications. They should also avoid drinking coffee or anything that has caffeine because this too may cause confusion, drowsiness, muscle twitching, nausea, irregular heartbeat, seizures and vomiting.

When the person is taking lithium, it is best to inform other doctors as well like the dentist so they are aware that it is used to treat a certain medical condition.

In general, lithium is safe to use as long as it is generally monitored. If you can't take it, perhaps you can use anticonvulsant drugs.

One anticonvulsant drug frequently used to treat bipolar disorder is Valproic acid. It is very effective in treating rapid cycling.

Just like lithium, though, there are side effects and these include anxiety, confusion, double vision and headaches. It has been known to cause liver problems, which is why liver function tests are conducted regularly before and after therapy.

Other examples of anticonvulsant drugs include carbamazepine (Tegretol), lamotrigine (Lamictal), gabapentin (Neurontin), and topiramate (Topamax) that are used in treating short term mania.

If things are getting out of hand, the doctor may recommend antipsychotic drugs. The duration of the medication will depend on the patient so it may last for the short or long term.

Most patients who have bipolar disorder use more than one medication and this must be taken even when the symptoms subside. After all, if it happens once, this may recur again in the future and also because there is no cure for bipolar disorder. The best that anyone can do right now is take control of it so that person will still be able to live a normal life.

Bio Medical Treatments for Autism

Are you the parent of a young child who has been diagnosed with Autism? Have you heard about bio medical treatments, and wondered if they could help your child? The exciting news is that Autism is now considered a treatable disability! This article will discuss a summary of currently available bio medical treatment for Autism.

The Bio medical treatment has a four prong approach:

1. Bring the toxin load down

2. Help the gut heal

3. Get the nutrients up

4. Get the metal and other toxins out

Each of these will be discussed individually.

1. Toxins are anything that creates stress on the body. Below are a few things that you can do to bring down the toxin load.

a. Remove casein (dairy) and gluten (wheat) for the diet. If this is over whelming you could start by removing dairy, and see how your child responds. Then work on removing wheat. Many children with Autism are allergic to dairy and wheat.

b. Remove other food allergens from the diet

c. Get rid of bad sugar

d. Remove conventional household cleaners

e. Make sure that any vaccines received by your child are Thimerosal-free.

2. Environmental illness typically causes gastrointestinal distress and food sensitivity. Some of the ways to help the gut heal include:

a. Removal of food allergens.

b. Cod Liver Oil is a critical supplement that provides much needed vitamin A.

c. Probiotics are natural supplements that provide the stomach with "good" gut flora.

d. Digestive enzymes assist the body in breaking down foods.

e. Colostrum is a natural supplement that provides many gut healing and immune system boosting properties.

3. A broad vitamin and mineral supplement is important for restoring health. Minerals are especially important; Zinc, Selenium and Magnesium are particularly important for renewed health.

4. Detoxification is critical to restoring your child to proper health. Some of the more popular forms are:

a. Chelation requires the care of a qualified doctor and involves using a prescription chelating agent.

b. Natural detoxifiers can be helpful to children with the detoxification process.

These bio medical treatments have different effects on different children with Autism. Check with your medical doctor before trying any of these treatments.

What Are General Rosacea Medication Treatment Methods?

The right time to call in for the services of a professional to control the spreading of Rosacea and also to confirm that you are indeed suffering from this disorder is when you find the following symptoms. If you find that you have facial blushing and it is more frequent than usual or/and when you skin has scaly blotches combined with redness and pimples that you cannot get rid of, it is time to get professional help. Sometimes you may even have to consult a doctor if you find that your cheeks are red without sunburn being the cause and persistent acne should also need a second opinion. Most of the time Rosacea can be wrongly diagnosed as acne and the treatment could worsen the skin condition even further, hence it is advised to visit a dermatologist if you have one or more reasons of the above.

Medical Treatment of Rosacea can vary from one individual to another and depending on your condition a dermatologist can prescribe different treatment to control the disorder. Some of the medical treatments that are prescribed are: Antibiotics, Azelaic Acid, Beta-Blockers and Alpha Antagonists, Estrogen and Laser Treatment. Antibiotics can be of two types - oral and topical. These antibiotics can help in controlling inflammation caused by Rosacea and is helpful in treating the disorder in the initial stages. Azelaic Acid has been approved by the FDA for topical use on the skin and can help to control inflammation of pimples in cases of early or moderate Rosacea.

Beta-Blockers and Alpha Antagonists are effective in reducing flushing as they have more effect on the blood vessels; though these Beta-Blockers were primarily used in treating heart disease and blood pressure, they have also been used to reduce hot flashes that occur during menopause. We all know that Estrogen is a female hormone and it is used in the treatment when Rosacea is aggravated by the hot flashes occurred by menopause and this treatment is stopped the moment these hot flashes disappear. Laser Treatment is most effective as they are used to help rid the skin of blood vessels that are dilated. Laser Treatments are also good for removing the excess tissue of the nose in the more advanced stages of Rosacea.

Medical Treatment For Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is the medical term for acne or pimples. This skin condition is caused by blocked pores inside the skin in which bacteria, dust and oil get trapped and cause a pus-filled bump. Inflammatory acne is known as cystic acne and is not only painful but is also a cause of frustration and irritation.

Medical treatment for acne vulgaris takes some weeks and even months before positive results can be seen. These treatments include topical antibiotics, topical bactericidals, topical retinoids, oral retinoids, oral antibiotics and hormonal treatments or birth-control pills.

Many people look for an effective medical treatment for acne vulgaris. Some people also employ unconventional ways of treating this skin condition like thermal or heat treatment as provided by the Zeno acne clearing device, laser treatment or skin resurfacing, and phototherapy or blue light acne treatment. However, these treatments are not recommended to all people.

There are some natural remedies for acne vulgaris as well. These include eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water, applying some home-made facial masks and using naturally made topical creams and soaps like black mud soap, neem oil, aloe vera, honey, etc.

It depends on the type of acne and some other factors including its cause which determines which medical treatment for acne vulgaris you should use. It is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming any oral pills for the treatment of acne. This is especially required of pregnant women as some pills have adverse side effects associated with their consumption and may be dangerous for the baby.

Whatever treatment you choose, make sure you have gained enough information about it before starting its course. It is good to take small amounts in the beginning of a course and then gradually increase the dose when you are sure you don't see any side effects or other complications.